• Five Segment Committees Work to Gather Citizen Input

June 16, 2011 - TxDOT Media Release

AUSTIN – Regional leaders are set to begin gathering citizen input on the I-69 Segment Committees’ ideas and preliminary recommendations for the I-69 Texas system development.

Members of the five I-69 Segment Committees want citizen feedback and input in the planning and development of I-69 to ensure the system meets local transportation needs. Segment Committee members will speak with local organizations about I-69 Texas in various communities along the system. Citizens can read about I-69 Texas, review the committees’ recommendations and submit comments online at www.txdot.gov/DrivenByTexans.

Since 2009, members of the I-69 Segment Committees have studied transportation needs and challenges in their communities, from the Mexican border to the borders of Arkansas and Louisiana. They reviewed crash data, current and projected traffic data, and environmental factors that affect their communities. In reviewing this data, the committees made the recommendation to use the existing highway footprint to the greatest extent possible to develop the I-69 Texas system.

The existing highways recommended by the committees for I-69 Texas development include portions of US 59, US 77, US 84, US 281 and SH 44. Each Segment Committee recognizes the fact the I-69 Texas system is necessary to accommodate population and traffic growth, maintain economic competitiveness and serve emergency evacuation needs, especially during hurricane season.

Members of the Segment Committees represent metropolitan planning organizations, counties and other entities with an interest in transportation such as cities, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations and others.

To invite a Segment Committee member from your community to provide materials and information to your group, to make comments, or to learn more about I-69 Texas, visit www.txdot.gov/DrivenByTexans or call 512-334-3841.

For more information call TxDOT’s Government & Public Affairs Division at (512) 463-8700.


Segment One Offers Speakers

I-69 Segment One Committee covers the area from Texarkana to Lufkin. In the Nacogdoches County local government representatives are available to make presentations to local groups and organizations.

"Input from the residents of Nacogdoches is crucial to this process at both the beginning stages and later down the road," said City Manager Jim Jeffers who serves on the Segment One Committee along with Judge Joe English, Nacogdoches County Judge.

To schedule a local Segment One Committee member to speak to your group or organization contact Jan Pigg at 936-559-2506 or at piggj@ci.nacogdoches.tx.us



You can see maps showing the preliminary recommendations and priorities of each of the five geographic committees [HERE].