• 14 Miles of I-69 Under Construction in Nueces and Kleberg Counties

August 10, 2014

Four construction projects underway in Nueces and Kleberg Counties on the South Texas coast will add a total of 14 miles to Interstate I-69E.

The upgrade projects are on US 77 west of Corpus Christi between Robstown and Kingsville.  The total estimated cost of the projects is $151 million.  An environmental assessment finalized in 2012 cleared the way for projects along a 122-mile stretch of US 77 from Corpus Christi to Harlingen.

KINGSVILLE - Bay Ltd. is nearing completion of a new US 77 overpass, approaches and ramps at Caesar Ave. in Kingsville.   This $17 million project completes a 3.5-mile section of continuous freeway that includes six overpasses serving most of Kingsville and providing access to Naval Air Station Kingsville, an important fighter jet pilot training base for the US Navy.

ROBSTOWN MAIN LANES - Work continues on a one-mile upgrade adding main freeway lanes in Robstown just south of the 6.2 miles that were the first designated section of I-69 in Texas.  The $13 million project started in early 2013 and is under contract to Haas-Anderson Construction.

BISHOP PROJECT - The largest project will create an 8-mile stretch of freeway starting at the north end of the existing expressway lanes in Kingsville and extending north through the city of Bishop and to a point about halfway between Bishop and the town of Driscoll.  In 2013 the Texas Transportation Commission awarded a design-build contract to a joint venture team made up of Austin Bridge & Road and Bay Limited.  The estimated total project cost is $79 million. 

Preliminary design on the Bishop project was completed earlier this year.  It will include four overpasses plus additional bridges over creeks and drainage structures.   Utility relocation and initial construction started in April and work on bridge supports and overpass embankments is moving forward.   The anticipated project completion date is October 2016.

PROJECT 2096 - Austin Bridge has started work on a $43 million project that will upgrade four miles of US 77 just south of Robstown.  It will include an overpass and frontage roads at FM 2826.  The project is also scheduled for completion in 2016. (As of August 25 actual roadway construction has not begun.)

DRISCOLL RELIEF ROUTE - A relief route around the town of Driscoll will be built in the future.  It will close a gap in highway upgrades of about six miles and will create a connected freeway from Interstate 37 at Corpus Christi south through Kingsville. The relief route will run through open farm fields and cross Petronila Creek on the east side of Driscoll.



Nueces/Kleberg Project Zone