• Tracking the Progress of Interstate 69 in Texas


» Connectivity and Economic Development

The Texas Department of Transportation is the state’s most important economic development entity. That was a key message delivered by Alex Meade, a member of the Texas Transportation Commission since April, speaking to those attending the Alliance for I-69 Texas 2023 Annual Meeting on Nov. 30 in Houston. He stressed the importance of local communities and TxDOT working together to speed up development of connectivity projects. [Full Report]

» I-69 DC Fly-In 2024

A multi-state delegation of I-69 supporters will be returning to Washington on April 17-18 for face-to-face conversations with Members of Congress, staffers and Administration officials. Meetings will begin at 9 a.m. on Wednesday followed by a reception on Capitol Hill and an evening dinner. Meetings on Thursday will be completed by noon to allow for afternoon travel. Let Jennifer Shepard know if you can be part of the Texas delegation. We are seeking Fly-In and reception sponsors.

» A Successful I-69 Day in Austin

More than a dozen Alliance board members and friends of I-69 participated in 2023 I-69 Day in Austin. They were able to interact with more than two dozen offices of House members and Senators. During the morning orientation session the group heard from Blake Calvert, policy advisor to Gov. Greg Abbott and a former TxDOT legislative liaison. He stressed the importance of protecting the current revenue streams that are allowing Texas to make significant investments in highways. The group was able to meet informally with Sen. Robert Nichols, chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, and Rep. Terry Canales, chairman of the House Transportation Committee. The I-69 Corridor runs through both of their legislative districts. A special thanks to our I-69 Day sponsors: City of Marshall, City of McAllen, Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority and Texas Regional Bank.

» I-69 About Preparing for the Future

I-69 development across Texas is in not just about building a new interstate. TxDOT Deputy Executive Director Brandye Hendrickson told those attending the 2022 Alliance Annual Meeting that I-69 is really about preparing for the state's future and the demands for mobility that come from an expanding population and expanding commerce and trade. [Full Report]

» Celebrating More Miles of I-69

A 5.6-mile section of US 77 in South Texas has been added to the national Interstate Highway System. In 2022 state and local leaders gathered to celebrate the addition of I-69E and to celebrate the signing of 2.5 miles of I-169 in Cameron County, an event delayed for two years by Covid concerns. [More Photos]

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I-69 System Segments Part of National Interstate Highway System


Serving Texas Ports
The 1,100 miles of existing highways that make up the Interstate 69 Texas System route today serve as critical connectors to the deepwater ports at Houston, Galveston, Texas City, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Freeport, Point Comfort, Corpus Christi and Brownsville. Each completed Interstate 69 upgrade project extends the market reach of all Texas seaports which are vital engines of the Texas economy.

Miles of Existing Freeway

Sections of highway continue to be added to the Interstate Highway System as part of I-69. There are still more miles of highway along the I-69 route that are at freeway standard or near that level. More sections will be added to the system as they are evaluated and as projects are completed that provide the required controlled access, free flow and safety features that are the hallmark of interstate highways.