• Interstate 69 Route Projects & Planning

Identifying and Tracking Projects

In 2008 the Texas Department of Transportation made the decision that to the extent possible all sections of I-69 in Texas will be developed as upgrade projects of existing highways -- US 59, US 77, US 281, US 84, and US 83 and SH 44 as key connectors.

Since2010 TxDOT has committed more than $1.3 billion to funding I-69 planning and construction projects.

Route planning and environmental clearance efforts, which can take years, are underway on several locations that total 138 miles. Most upgrade projects will take place on the footprint of existing highways which makes environmental clearance go a lot smoother.

A total of 104 miles are now fully cleared through the environmental process and can be the basis for some near-term projects along the 1,000-mile route. At the bottom of this page is a map showing the location of studies that were underway in the fall of 2015.

Much more funding will be needed in the coming years to build the highest priority pieces along the I-69 route and then to connect those pieces with additional projects.


TxDOT periodically compiles a single map showing all of the projects that are in some stage of development within the current I-69 System Funding Program. You can DOWNLOAD this map in PDF form which will allow better reading of the detail on individual projects. Progress on most of these projects can be individually tracked on the TxDOT website's PROJECT TRACKER application.

I-69 System Planning and Environmental Status

You can DOWNLOAD a PDF file of the TxDOT 2015 map below showing planning efforts at Marshall, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Corrigan, Cleveland, Houston, Fort Bend County, Wharton County, Corpus Christi, Laredo and Premont.



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