• Congressman Babin Optimistic About Highway Funding

December 6, 2018

A Texas member of the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee believes the chances of passing a long-term fix for highway funding with bipartisan support are good.

Republican Congressman Brian Babin of Woodville represents District 36 which covers nine counties in southeast Texas including portions of the I-69 route in Polk and Liberty Counties.  He has served two terms as a member of the House Transportation Committee.

Congressman Babin was the keynote speaker at this years Alliance for I-69 Texas annual luncheon meeting in Houston.  He has helped host I-69 Day in DC events since he took office in 2015 and is a key member of the multi-state I-69 Congressional Caucus.

He recalled that getting engaged in supporting I-69 was easy for him coming into office because there were “so many trailblazing ahead of us on I-69.”

“We cannot allow it to be a weak link in our infrastructure.  We cannot neglect I-69,” he said.
Babin hopes that the Congress will be able to do more to improve the nation’s infrastructure in 2019.  He predicted that there will not be a $1 trillion infrastructure package as proposed in 2017 but that there will likely be a series of packages that Congress can work on.


Speaking just two weeks after the mid-term elections, Babin acknowledging that big changes are coming with the Democratic Party winning majority control of the House.  “There are unknowns but I am optimistic that we will have a lot of bipartisan support for infrastructure investments,” he said.  “It is my very highest priority in the Congress.”

“I am fully supportive of a long-term fix to highway funding.  Passing such a bill is a top priority of Transportation and Infrastructure Committee members and that is a bipartisan feeling on the (committee),” he said.

He looks forward to supporting legislation that streamlines the development of highway projects and wants to make sure Americans “get more mileage out of their highway dollars.”

Babin stressed that it is important that the nation keeps the transportation systems technologically advanced as well as safe and efficient.

Dr. Babin is a dentist by training and practiced in Tyler County for many years.  He previously served as mayor of Woodville and as a member the Woodville School Board, the Texas State Historical Commission, State Board of Dental Examiners and the Deep East Texas Council of Governments.


Congressman Brian Babin is a leader in the I-69 Congressional Caucus covering 8 states